Apartments Iowa City

Apartments Iowa City

SouthGate Companies – A Name You Can Trust

Thank you very much and welcome to SouthGate Companies. We at SouthGate companies are a reliable, trustworthy, and dependable full-service Real Estate firm with over 50 years of real estate sales and property management experience in Iowa. Among other things, we specialize in the provision of quality apartments in Iowa. Finding a perfect apartment in Iowa is not as easy as it sounds. But with us being around, rest assured that your journey towards finding an apartment that suits all your needs and lifestyle is good as done. We have over 500 apartments in Iowa under our name. All of them are uniquely designed to suit several needs. We have helped thousands of clients across the city find an apartment that suits them. Do you need an apartment near a school or an emergency center? How big do you want it to be? Depending on your tastes and preferences, we will deliver.

Why Choose Our Apartments?

If you want apartments in Iowa City, you’ll most likely find them before the day ends. You will be presented with offers from hundreds of companies willing to assist you. But why opt for us while you have so many choices to choose from? It’s simple. Have you compared our rates with the rest? Have you had a chance to visit one of our apartments and see the handiwork that was used to design them? Better yet, do you realize that our apartments are located in some of the most strategic places in Iowa? By choosing to either rent or buy our apartment(s), you’ll be saving yourself the trouble of occupying apartments that don’t suit your needs or poorly constructed. With us, you will get to either purchase or buy our apartments at the most affordable and fair rates. You will have a rare chance to live in a place closer to where you work or study.

Tips to Avoid When Choosing a Real Estate Apartment Firm/Agent

Are you in the market for apartments in Iowa with the help of an agent? Is your desire to occupy an apartment that meets all your needs at the best possible price? What are the things that you need to avoid then? There are many apartment firms/agents around, but not all of them offer the quality services expected of them. To be on the safe side, it’s better to consider a few aspects. How long has your potential firm been in the business? Are they licensed and registered under the law to operate their business? Still, are they ready to show you a portfolio of their work? If you see that a lot of your answers are ‘No’, then you better walk away than waste your valuable time and money on them. We at SouthGate Companies are an accredited firm that is fully licensed and registered. The more than half a century that we have been in business can be equated to the experience that we have gained. We always show our clients a portfolio of our work before selling or renting them the apartments we manage. With us, you will be dealing with a reputable firm.

Contact Us

Are you ready to begin your journey to being a proud owner of apartments in Iowa tailor-made to suit all your needs? Have you been impressed by our state-of-the-art apartments that are just hard to resist? Call or email us immediately for an appointment. Besides providing you with free quotes and other estimates, we will take you around our apartments and give you the freedom to choose the one that strikes you the most. Our lines are open, and our customer care attendants are friendly and engaging. Call us now at (319) 337-4195 or send us an email at