Best in Iowa City IA Apartments


SouthGate Companies develops and manages both residential and commercial real estate properties. Our
main offerings include:

  • over 500 residential condos, apartments, townhomes, and duplexes for rent in the Iowa City and
    surrounding areas
  • land for sale for individual homes, multi-family land, subdivisions, office parks and industrial
  • a personalized, full-service home building division, Navigate Homes
  • retail and office centers in Iowa City and Coralville

SouthGate Companies is locally owned and operated.Our employees live and work in the communities we
serve. SouthGate is committed to maintaining a healthy, vibrant environment for our tenants,
offering crime-free leases and improving properties to increase community pride.

Best in Iowa City IA Apartments

Best in Iowa City IA Apartments

Our Brief History

Are you in the market for the best in Iowa City IA apartments? Do you need immediate help? Let us at SouthGate Companies assist you. But who are we? SouthGate Companies is a real estate and property management firm well known for having thousands of housing units under and apartments its name. But how did we start? Our founder (David Braverman) was initially a lemon seller. David believed in customer satisfaction and the provision of top-notch services. His focus on his clients made his business to be loved a lot to the extent of realizing massive profits. Upon accruing a lot of revenues, David entered real estate under the name SouthGate Companies. By employing his previous business model at SouthGate Companies, David realized more success with the business transforming to become the single largest provider of best in Iowa City IA apartments. Today, SouthGate Companies remain the biggest solution to those in need of apartments in Iowa City.

What’s Our Success Secret?

When it comes to best in Iowa City IA apartments, we are the best providers around. But do know why? What has been the reason behind our success even in the face of cut-throat competition that is characteristic of the real estate and property management industry? There are a number of issues that have made to remain profitable even when the competition gets nastier and stiffer. We are a client-centered firm. In everything we do, the customer comes first. We listen to our customers and deliver them what they want. Without listening to them, we would not be where we are today. Besides, we value open communication. We highly encourage open forms of communication. With two-way communication, we’ve been heard and vice versa, an aspect that has led to our success over the years. Lastly, we have made quality assurance our habit as opposed to just being an actor. In any undertaking that we do, we ensure that quality follows closely behind.

Why Rent With Us

There are many people like you in the market for best in Iowa City IA apartments. But why should they rent with us? We understand that we are in competition with other firms offering the same services such as ours. But why choose us? If you are one of the people currently in the market for the best in Iowa City IA apartments, you will be able to enjoy a number of benefits by renting with us. First, you will be getting yourself an apartment that’s spacious enough in key areas such as the living room and the kitchen to accommodate extra stuff. Additionally, you will be able to live in an apartment constructed in safe neighborhoods with little or no crime at all, an aspect that guarantees you safety. Also, if you pay your rent in advance, you will be provided with some discounts that you will find hard to resist. Lastly, if you rent with SouthGate Companies, all your complaints will be handled within the shortest time possible for your comfort.

Contact Us Now

Are you ready for occupancy at best in Iowa City IA apartments? We’d love to hear from you. We are a company that values and believes in open communication. We believe that with communication, we are able to understand you plus all your needs so that we can go ahead and meet them. If you feel ready for an apartment, just call us, and we will be there to assist you within the shortest time possible. Just arm yourself with all your personal details and everything that you need in your apartment. Once you give us such details, leave the rest for us. Call us at (319) 337-4195 or send us an email now.