Home Additions That Can Pay Off

November 17, 2021

When it’s time to think about remodeling your home, you may not know where to start. Often, especially with an older home, there are many projects that need to be completed. One deciding factor may be to choose a remodel that will pay off.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Upgrading your appliances can be an investment in your home and save you money on utility bills. Newer appliances endorsed with an Energy Star label are designed to be more energy-efficient. New high-capacity dishwashers and washing machines are equipped with sensors to use just as much water as necessary to get the job done.

Additionally, newer appliances can add to the resale value of your home. If you are considering a move within the next few years, investing in new appliances, especially in the kitchen, is a good idea.

Complete Your Basement

Finishing a basement can expand your living space, add extra bedrooms and baths, and provide room for family or fun. A basement can make a great getaway space or a place for entertainment. Depending on your needs, you can divide the basement into separate rooms or design an open floor plan with gathering spaces like a wet bar, a game table, or a home theater.

Although a finished basement doesn’t officially add square footage to your home, in actuality it does give you more room and adds significant value to your property. It’s an appealing feature for prospective buyers.

Add a Second (or Third) Bathroom

Today’s households need personal space and flexibility, and a great way to achieve that is to add another bathroom. A dedicated bathroom in the owner’s suite provides a private retreat from the rest of the family. Any additional bathroom can give you relief on those busy mornings and pay off in the end.

You don’t need to add on a room for a new bathroom. In many cases, you can carve space out of your existing floor plan. A basement or attached garage is a good site and can be roomy enough to add bathtubs or showers. Or, you might tuck away a powder room under the stairway, in a laundry room, or in an existing closet. 

In remodeling your house, consider both your short-term and long-term goals. A well-chosen home improvement project can be beneficial in several ways. You can meet your immediate needs and desires while at the same time investing in your home.

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