How to Choose Which Renovations to Spend Money On

March 8, 2022

Renovating a space can make your home feel more comfortable and more personal to your needs and requirements. But sometimes if you aren’t sure what to renovate, you can feel so overwhelmed by the process that you won’t even try. It’s important to take the time to choose your renovations wisely so you can enjoy your home and create updates that improve your life and make you feel excited to be in the space you have.

Think of the Cost

First you want to consider the cost of any particular project. Small projects that don’t involve plumbing or electrical work tend to be more affordable than other projects. Completely renovating your kitchen will likely come with some rather hefty costs, however, if you decide to renovate a bathroom, it will often be a little more affordable because it is smaller. You don’t want to simply choose the cheapest projects, but you do want to consider your budget when making the decision. Don’t tackle a project that you don’t have the budget for, as you won’t end up with high quality results.

Consider the Value They Add

You also need to think about the value that a particular renovation project will bring. In some cases that will be monetary value upon resale, but in other situations, you will be thinking about the improvement to your quality of life, or some other kind of value. Prioritizing projects based on the value they bring can be a great way to figure out where to start. The kitchen accounts for about 18% of the property value. So if you are looking to increase the monetary value of your home, that’s a good starting point.

Your Current Schedule

Different projects will have different timelines and impact your schedule in a variety of ways. It is important that you choose a project that will be workable with your current schedule. So if you currently have to do a lot of work at home and don’t have time to take off, you may not want to tackle a huge home project. Think about your schedule so you can let it guide your decisions.

Your remodeling project should be as low stress as it can be. And that takes careful planning to make sure things turn out the way they should. Start thinking now so you can choose the first renovation project for your home.

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