How to Stay Prepared in Your Home for a Fire

June 11, 2022

Having a fire in your home isn’t something you want to think about, but it is something you need to prepare for. If you think ahead and prepare your home then you can avoid some negative outcomes for you and your family.

Make Sure Smoke Detectors Are Functioning

Smoke detectors are a key part of keeping you and your family safe. They will alert you if there is danger and you can all safely evacuate your home. Making sure your smoke detectors are functioning properly should be high on your priority list. Every smoke alarm comes with a test button that you can use to make sure it is working. It’s best to test your smoke detector weekly. Additionally, you should clean your smoke detector to make sure it is always working properly. You can use the brush attachment on your vacuum or compressed air to remove any excess dust around your smoke detector.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher Close

If there ever is a fire, you should also be prepared to put it out. Of course, always consider your safety before attempting to put out a fire. If it is a small fire, you can manage to put it out, but it is best to leave large fires to emergency responders. In order to address small fires, you should have a fire extinguisher in your home. Many people keep them close to the kitchen as this is where fires are most likely to occur. A basic fire extinguisher will be helpful in most situations. There are also extinguishers designed for electrical fires that use a non-conductive substance. To be fully prepared, you may choose to have both kinds on hand.

Have an Emergency Plan

Every household needs to have an emergency plan in case there is a fire. This should be a plan you and your family discuss beforehand and everyone should know the plan. In your plan, you should have a designated meeting spot where everyone will gather if there is a fire. Having this meeting spot will allow you to keep track of everyone so you can know who made it out. Your plan should also include how everyone will get out of the building as well as how they can combat the fire and get out safely.

In case there is ever a fire in your home, you want to be prepared. If you prepare in advance, then you can save lives and potentially your home. Make sure you include everyone in your home as you prepare.

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