North Liberty Apartments for Rent

North Liberty Apartments for Rent

Who Are We

Are you in the market now or hoping to be there soon in search of a North Liberty Apartment for rent? Trust in the services of SouthGate Companies to help you find one. But how did we reach here? A brief history of our company will let you know. Before venturing into real estate, our founder (David Braverman) was actually a lemon seller! David was a disciplined fellow who believed in customer satisfaction and the provision of quality services, an aspect that made a lot of customers prefer his goods. Years later, David realized massive profits and entered the real estate world under the name SouthGate Companies. By applying the same old business model, SouthGate companies realized immediate success in real estate with a lot of people preferring SouthGate Companies’ products and services. Today, among being a proud owner and property management firm, SouthGate Companies is the single largest provider of North Liberty Apartments for rent.

Real Estate Industry Trends: Why Many Providers Mainly Focus on Renting

If you have been keen enough, you’ll realize that a lot of real estate agents and a majority of property management firms prefer renting their apartments as opposed to selling them. The same also applies to us. We have so many apartments such as North Liberty apartments for rent among others under our name or management, but we would prefer to rent them out as opposed to selling them. But why? The reasons are plenty. For instance, if we were to sell our apartments, there are high chances of a competitor buying them and pushing us out of business for good. Additionally, if such were to happen, we could lose our naming rights and the positive image that we have in the society as such apartments could be renamed for good. We would like to maintain our name and selling the apartment(s) will subject us into real estate oblivion.

Why Choose to Rent with Us

If North Liberty apartments for rent excites you and you are seriously thinking about it, then you will be in a better position if you choose to rent with us. But again, why should you choose to rent our apartments when there are hundreds if not thousands of others all around you? By choosing to rent our apartments in North Liberty, you will be in line to enjoy a spacious apartment that will suit your particular needs. Additionally, you will be living in apartments that are located near a town, a shopping mall, a police station, a school, or a fire department. All these are meant to guarantee you some sense of convenience. If you observe keenly, you will notice that a good number of our rental apartments are constructed in safe and secure neighborhoods, an aspect that guarantees you safety and security.

Call Us Today and Get Your Apartment Tomorrow

Now that North Liberty apartments for rent by SouthGate Companies are your final decision, only one thing remains for the apartment to be rented to you in a matter of hours; only a phone call or any other convenient form of communication from you. Are you interested in occupying our beautifully designed and secure apartments? Call us right away and leave the rest for us to do. Among other things we believe and highly encourage open forms of communication. Give us the chance of finding you an apartment that meets all your needs by communicating with us. If you have any further questions to ask, feel free to do so. To talk to us, feel free to call us at (319) 337-4195 or send us an email at