Outdoor Features That Will Give Your Home a Feel of Luxury

January 14, 2022

Many families in the US have rediscovered outdoor spaces during the pandemic, and for good reason! Your backyard can be a second living room during Spring and Summer, and a useful space for the whole family during all seasons of the year. How can you better utilize this space while giving it an extra boost of luxury? What can you add that can give your outdoor features the ability to serve your home?

An Entertainment Space

Your family definitely needs more entertainment space to use, and turning to the outdoors to give you this area is a great plan. In many areas of the country, something as simple as a covered deck attached to the house can give you an outdoor room that’s usable rain or shine. Don’t feel limited to a regulation picnic table and chairs for such a space. Even soft furniture, if covered, can be safely and comfortably used and enjoyed.

An Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re planning on entertaining outdoors, having a kitchen area is a great plan as well. There’s something about cooking on a grill or outdoor brick oven which lends a casual but interesting air of difference to both the food and the company! Entertaining outdoors is particularly good during pandemic restrictions, of course. You’ll need a cover for your outdoor kitchen to avoid dirt and debris from accumulating on it.

Luxury Plants

Just as you’d design a room with different levels of furnishings to move the eye intentionally, planning your outdoor space similarly with ornamental plants is also important. Beautiful plants, such as fuschia and lobelia can add color, and lavender and other herbs which are low to the ground can add scent. Trellising vines can make it possible to give both cover and interest to your spaces. Think about what you want to happen in the space itself. Having seated areas aside tall grasses or trees, with floral borders and herbs evokes a romantic idea, while tall tropicals invite a party atmosphere.

Your beautiful home deserves for all of it to be inviting and easy to use! Look for the reasons you intend to use these spaces, and how many individuals you need to be able to use them. Add in plantings, coverings in case of rain, and the ability to cook outdoors. Your entertainment will be taken up a notch, and your guests will thank you for using your outdoor room!

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