Real Estate in North Liberty


SouthGate Companies develops and manages both residential and commercial real estate properties. Our
main offerings include:

  • over 500 residential condos, apartments, townhomes, and duplexes for rent in the Iowa City and
    surrounding areas
  • land for sale for individual homes, multi-family land, subdivisions, office parks and industrial
  • a personalized, full-service home building division, Navigate Homes
  • retail and office centers in Iowa City and Coralville

SouthGate Companies is locally owned and operated.Our employees live and work in the communities we
serve. SouthGate is committed to maintaining a healthy, vibrant environment for our tenants,
offering crime-free leases and improving properties to increase community pride.

Real Estate in North Liberty

Real Estate in North Liberty

What to Look out for in a Real Estate Firm

If you find yourself in the market for real estate in North Liberty, you may need the services of a reputable firm or agent. If this is the case, how do you go about choosing the best agent around? How do you know that you are dealing with a qualified real estate firm or agent? Here are a few pointers. Is the real estate company that you are about to engage with registered and licensed under the law? Are they ready to show a portfolio of their work? What about the experience they have? Have they been in the industry for long? Are they positively rated? These are just some but a number of aspects that you have to factor in so that you don’t end up being disappointed. We at SouthGate Companies meet and even surpass some of the best standards required in the industry.

You’ve Got Limitless Options in North Liberty

Are you in the market searching for a place to call home? As you do that, just know that the real estate in North Liberty is somewhat limitless. In the years that we’ve been in operation, we have managed to assist new residents to find a place that they’ve turned into their homes immediately after moving in. What are your reasons for moving to North Liberty? Have secured employment there? Are going there for schooling reasons? Do you just need a change of scenery? Whatever your case is, North Liberty has got limitless options in place. When you get to meet our agents, we always recommend you to let them know everything that you desire in a home so that they go ahead to find a perfect home to suit all your needs. If you prefer silent neighborhoods, living in apartments, a house with a swimming pool or anything else, just let them know so that they find a house perfectly suited for you.

What Else Do You Need To Remember?

It is our belief that clients in search of or looking into matters concerning the real estate in North Liberty get to receive what they desire. As a caring agent, we have always believed in the need to include professional, or expert advice to clients at all times. Real estate in North Liberty can be messy if you fail to keep in mind some of the most important questions. However, if you go ahead and seek clarification on some important aspects, you’ll end up having an amazing real estate journey that will forever last at the back of your mind. For instance, have you inquired about some of the most notorious locations in the city? Where would you find the nearest hospital or airstrip in case you have an emergency? What about your budget? How much would you need so that you can secure a home without too much hustle? Ignoring or forgetting to ask such questions may end up costing you dearly.

Enjoy Your New Surroundings

Finally that you have gone through all the process of acquiring your property, now it’s the best time for you to sit down, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. In case you are not aware, the real estate in North Liberty is growing at speeds never imagined before. This is a community that is progressing continually with each day that passes. As you get to enjoy the fruits of your hard work, just know that in case you need us for other real estate business ventures in the future, we will be around to assist you. We care about you as you get to settle down. In case you need us at a later time, just call us at (319) 337-4195 or send us an email at