Rental Iowa City


SouthGate Companies develops and manages both residential and commercial real estate properties. Our
main offerings include:

  • over 500 residential condos, apartments, townhomes, and duplexes for rent in the Iowa City and
    surrounding areas
  • land for sale for individual homes, multi-family land, subdivisions, office parks and industrial
  • a personalized, full-service home building division, Navigate Homes
  • retail and office centers in Iowa City and Coralville

SouthGate Companies is locally owned and operated.Our employees live and work in the communities we
serve. SouthGate is committed to maintaining a healthy, vibrant environment for our tenants,
offering crime-free leases and improving properties to increase community pride.

Rental Iowa City

Rental Iowa City

Find Your Next Rental Property with Us

Are you in the market for a perfect rental in Iowa City? Regardless of whether you need it for a brief stay that lasts a couple of weeks or months, or for long-term purposes that would last for several years, SouthGate Companies has provided a wide variety of options aimed at meeting all your needs and other lifestyle choices. Get to discover some of the rental properties in Iowa City that are capable of supporting even the widest spectrum of lifestyles. From young professionals who are just getting into full-time employment to students who are still in college to couples who are thinking of advancing towards full home ownership, SouthGate Companies’ houses and apartment for rent offer you the opportunity to live and enjoy tenant living in a manner that you’ve always desired. We have a vast category of houses, offices, apartments, and condos for rent. It’s you to choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Our Rental Types

If you need a rental in Iowa City on either a long-term or short-term basis, we at SouthGate Companies can deliver. Are you a long-term renter looking for a perfect place to call home the moment you move in? We have one of the largest portfolios made of quality rental properties perfect for students, professionals, or even families. With us, you’ll find how easy it is to search and subsequently compare a vast range of properties situated in Iowa’s most-sought-after location. With us, you’ll be able to secure yourself a long-term luxury villa, apartment to rent, flats, and houses that will offer you peace and comfort. Besides, we also have short-term rental properties in case you need one. Iowa City is a ‘must visit’ for many people looking to enjoy top attractions here and if you are one of them, trust in SouthGate Companies to provide a convenient and comfortable rental property for a brief stay.

First-Time Advice to Tenants

Are you considering the idea of a rental in Iowa City? If this is the case, then it means that you are bound to become a tenant soon. But are you aware that there are some of the most important aspects that you need to put into consideration? If not, we provide it here for you free of charge. Have you checked the rental agreement to confirm whether it consists of your rights and obligations as a tenant? Is the agency that you are dealing with licensed and ready to prove with a certificate of registration? These are some of the most important things that we always insist that tenants consider before signing on the dotted line. That’s not all. Before signing the rental agreement, we also advise soon-to-be tenants to ensure that the rent agreement has in place some form of insurance against injury or loss of belongings. On most occasions, tenants fail to carefully read the terms and conditions that apply in addition to rules put down by the association of homeowners. Going through such is important to avoid feeling cheated.

Impressed by Our Rentals? Talk to Us Now!

Do you need a rental in Iowa City for either long-term or short-term basis? Let us be your providers. Besides our rentals promising to guarantee you the comfort that you desire, you will get to have them at the best rates around. We don’t price our rentals high since doing such would do more harm to us than the good that our founder sought to promote. If you are ready to rent one of our vast properties, please free to engage us at your earliest convenience. Go ahead and call us at (319) 337-4195 or send us an email at