Top Home Features in High Demand From Buyers

June 11, 2021

Selling your home can be a difficult process. Finding buyers interested in your home is probably the hardest part. However, attracting buyers can be much easier if you know what features they are looking for in a home.

Open Floor Plans

Having an open floor plan has become quite common and popular in many modern houses and buyers will often look for this. Open floor plans offer a variety of benefits. Overall, they create a space that is more versatile, and it allows for more connection and communication. These spaces can be multifunctional, and they allow you to be social even when in separate spaces. For example, an open floor plan can allow you to continue talking to someone while you’re in the kitchen and they’re in the living room. Additionally, open floor plans improve the overall traffic flow because people can travel around the house unimpeded.

Energy Efficient Design

People are becoming more energy conscious for a variety of reasons. Whether they want to help save the planet or they want to save money on their monthly bills, having an energy efficient home design is essential. There are many ways to approach energy efficiency in the home. To start off, it’s important to fix any energy leaks. This includes proper insulation as well as replacing doors and windows with more efficient models that can retain your home’s desired temperature. You can also replace appliances around the home. Some older appliances, such as old HVAC systems, can actually be using more energy than necessary and driving up your energy bills. More efficient appliances will use less energy and still provide you with the right amount of power. Other small fixes can be made around the home such as using more efficient light bulbs or installing low flow faucets and toilets.

Storage Space

Another feature that many buyers are looking for is increased storage. Over time, people accumulate a lot of stuff and they need plenty of storage for it. This storage can be included in closets, basements, the garage, or even a shed. In your own home, you can increase storage by purchasing furniture with storage built into it. For example, many ottomans and benches have compartments for storage. As far as creating more storage to attract buyers, consider ways you can better use your space. You can add built-in shelves that utilize otherwise wasted space. You can get very creative with how you add storage around the home. Perhaps you can add a pull-out drawer into a kitchen island, or you can add a cupboard into the wall.

Outdoor Space

Spending time outdoors is very beneficial and enjoyable. However, it can be difficult to do without a designated outdoor space. Many buyers will want a home that has a deck or patio where they can relax, host gatherings, and enjoy their backyard. There are many benefits to having a deck on your property. First of all, it increases your square footage and adds value to the home. It acts as an extension of your outdoor space. You can add outdoor furniture to make it more comfortable and you can even add features of an outdoor kitchen such as a grill. Having a deck or patio already installed makes it easier for potential owners to get creative and make the space their own.

Hardwood Floors

Having hardwood floors has almost become a necessity. A majority of people are moving beyond carpeted or tile floors in favor of hardwood. Hardwood floors are appealing for many reasons. First of all, they are extremely durable, and they can last for many years. They are especially long-lasting if you take proper care of them. However, they are pretty low maintenance. You simply need to sweep, vacuum, or even mop and they are all clean. They also resist stains, and you don’t need to worry about them collecting dust, dirt, or pet dander. To top it all off, hardwood floors will go with nearly any decorative style and they are extremely versatile.

Updated Kitchen

When people are searching for a home with updates, the first place they will look is the kitchen. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen and people prefer to work in an updated space. They especially will appreciate updated appliances since these will be newer and more functional. Updates can also include new counter tops, cabinets, and hardware. Updated kitchens are more visually appealing, but they also have the potential to save energy as well and they can even improve safety. Of all the rooms in your home, your kitchen should be a priority for updates. Having an updated kitchen is a prime way to increase the value of your home.

Smart Home Technology

In a world of convenience, many people are eager to include smart home technology in their homes. This technology allows you to control the features of your home all from one place and in some cases, you can control your home while you’re out. Smart home devices can include your thermostat, entertainment (speakers, virtual assistants, media, etc.), and even security. Having this technology is very desirable, but it can be a hassle to set it all up. If you already have these features installed in your home, you’re more likely to attract buyers.

Quality Landscaping

When it comes to landscaping, you want to have something that is attractive but also low maintenance. You don’t want dozens of flower beds that will require a lot of weeding and additional care. Similarly, a lot of trees can lead to a lot of debris falling in your yard. Create a landscape design that is simple and easy to take care of. At the same time, make sure it adds to the exterior of your home and increases your curb appeal. Potential buyers will want a house with nice landscaping that won’t require a lot of extra work.

Attracting buyers is one of the hardest parts of selling your home. However, it helps if you know what it is they are looking for. Being aware of popular features buyers want can allow you to make adjustments around your home so you can make it into whatever they are looking for.

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