What Needs to Be Part of Your Regular Spring Home Maintenance

February 22, 2022

Spring maintenance is important for your home. With the changing weather, it is important to make sure that your home didn’t sustain any damage from the previous year and make sure it is protected for the year to come. Roof maintenance, pest control, and air conditioning service need to be part of your regular spring maintenance.

Roof Maintenance

It is not a good idea to do roof inspections or repairs during the winter because of the weather. Spring is an excellent time for these things because it makes for a safer inspection and repairs can be done properly. Your roof experiences wear and tear in each season. A spring roof inspection can ensure that any damage is found and repaired to help your roof be effective. Having your roof maintained can also help make sure that your energy bills don’t climb during the winter and summer from escaping air.

Pest Control

The warmer weather that comes with spring also brings back many unwanted pests that were dormant during the winter months. This can make you vulnerable to pest invasions. It is important to take care of pests before they become a problem. Pest can carry diseases into your home and threaten the health of everyone in it. Be proactive and protect against them instead of trying to get rid of them. You can reach out to a professional to come spray for you. They will know what kind of pests are in the area and can make sure you are protected.

Air-Conditioning Service

You should service and have your air-conditioning cleaned at least once each year, and springtime can be a perfect time to do it since you will begin to use the system as the weather warms up. Your air-conditioning collects dust and dirt all year long, even when it is not running during the winter months. Replacing the filter is important to ensuring efficiency of the system. Replacing the filter can increase the efficiency by 5 to 15 percent. Having a professional come service your air-conditioning will ensure it will run its best and it will last.

Maintenance is part of making sure your home will be efficient, and it will last. Adding roof maintenance, pest control, and air-conditioning service to your spring-cleaning routine are an important part of this. While the maintenance can cost money, it will protect from larger costs of repairs in the future.

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