What You Need to Consider Before Putting in a Pool

October 22, 2021

So you’ve finally caved in to the allure of the warmer weather and decided to get a swimming pool. Congratulations! Now, what should your next step be? Will you start the digging right away, or are you thinking of going above-ground? What are all your options, anyway? Here’s a few things you need to consider before starting your new project.

Be Aware of the Cost

The first stop along your journey towards a pool is determining your budget. Putting in a pool can get pricey, especially depending on what features you want it to have. Before starting any home improvement project it’s always wise to sit down and take a realistic look at what you can actually afford to spend on putting in a pool.

After doing some research online, you can always call a couple contractors in the area and get a quote. Contractors can also offer you a host of other information you might need, like considerations for safety and zoning laws.

Consider Safety

Making sure that your pool project creates a safe environment for you, your family, and your guests should be one of your chief concerns.

Small children are especially at risk when having a pool nearby. Drowning is the leading cause of death in toddlers, so you definitely want to make sure that any pool you install is safeguarded to prevent death and injury. According to Ahlander Injury Law, supervising your kids in the pool is the easiest way to prevent drownings. For in-ground pools you can install a gate around the area, and for above-ground units you can make sure the ladder is inaccessible when not in use.

Zoning Restrictions

Before you get too far into planning your pool project, you’ll want to research and consult any state and local zoning laws and restrictions that may apply to your home. As Pool Troopers points out, there are different laws regarding your pool, depending on where you live. Some localities, for example, require a pool to be so many feet from a home, or be surrounded by a pool gate.

So it may be best to see what’s required of you before you get too far into the process, because it very well may impact the amount of space you will need to put in a pool.

Putting in a pool can be an exciting project, and it’s also generally a good home investment. But there are a number of hurdles that you’ll need to know about along the way, so it’s best to have all the information up front.

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