What You Should Do Before Buying Your First Investment Property

October 28, 2021

Owning investment properties is a big step to take to broaden your financial portfolio. Property has always been viewed as one of the best investments, as property values always seem to rise over time. But getting into the world of property ownership can be overwhelming without the right guide to show you the way. Here is everything you should do before buying your first investment property. 

Determine Your Long-Term Strategy

You can’t dive into owning investment properties without a clear idea of what your end goal is. Are you looking to create a passive income stream? Or are you looking to cash in when it comes time to sell twenty or thirty years down the line? Are you going to flip your property? Or are you planning on building an empire of properties? 

All of these are questions you need to consider when picking your first investment property. You should also think about what types of property you want to own: duplexes, fourplexes, single family homes, etc. Consider your long-term strategy when picking your first property. 

Separate Your Business and Personal Assets

Owning property and renting it out comes with great personal risk. But you can protect yourself by setting up the proper business structure. Your business structure is the legal framework you build around that regulates how you operate business while simultaneously separating you as an individual from your company 

LLCs are usually the best business structure for real estate investors. LLCs, or Limited Liability Companies, are a type of business structure designed to shield your personal assets in the event of emergency or litigation. Setting up an LLC is fast and easy, and inexpensive compared to other business structures. 

Do Your Research

There is a lot of research you need to put in to decide a property to buy. If a property ever seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Gather all the information available. This will also help you determine if your property will earn you money or if your payment on your loan will outweigh the income from your rent. Do your research. 

Becoming the owner of an investment property is a huge step in your financial goals. A step that should not be taken lightly. But if you follow these steps, you’ll be able to purchase an investment property properly, and know that you are taking care of yourself and your business affairs.

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