Why You Might Want to Change Your Kitchen After Moving In

August 19, 2021

Your kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home! A new home is a chance for you to experiment, add, and improve your vision of this important space, turning it into a room that you can be excited to be in. Here are a few things to consider that may convince you of the reasons to and ways to change your kitchen.

Bring it Closer to Your Style

You may simply feel like you’re ready for a new look for this cooking space! Mixing up the style of your home is a great way to renew your excitement for your space. Determine what kind of aesthetic you want to base your kitchen design around. Modern kitchens use sleek appliances, bold contrast in colors, and straight lines and edges to guide the eye. The popular “farmhouse” look has a warmer feel, using deep browns and grainy woods, cheerful yellows and off-whites, and comfortable furniture to create a friendly and open area. The traditional kitchen is simple, light, and versatile, offering a pleasant and functional room to use for whatever you want, whenever you want! Determine what style you want, and make this room your own!

Add More Space

Small countertops are inconvenient and frustrating. Expand the surfaces in this area to offer more space for your various kitchen needs! The list of available materials for this kind of project is extensive—from wood to vinyl to porcelain to stone, each surface offers different styles and benefits! For example, granite countertops are easy to maintain and can repel most stains when sealed. Create the space you need to enjoy your kitchen and everything you can do in it.

Improve Function and Safety

Old appliances, surfaces, storage and more can make your kitchen a little more run down, less effective, and even more dangerous than you want your kitchen to be. Invest in an update to these elements of your kitchen! Replace appliances that are poorly sealed, ventilated, or just not doing what they should be. Consider any potential hazards due to those appliances as well as the spacing, flow, and structure of your cabinets or counters or floors. Make any necessary changes for this to be a room that you can work in safely!


Enjoy the excitement of creating a kitchen you love for its look, space, safety and functionality! Keep those things in mind as you design and renovate this room into a room you love.


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