About Us

About SouthGate

SouthGate Companies develops and manages both residential and commercial real estate properties. Our main offerings include:

  • Over 500 residential condos, apartments, townhomes, and duplexes for rent in Iowa City and
    surrounding areas.
  • Retail and office centers in Iowa City and Coralville.

SouthGate Companies is locally owned and operated. Our employees live and work in the communities we serve. SouthGate is committed to maintaining a healthy, vibrant environment for our tenants, offering crime-free leases and improving properties to increase community pride.

Company History

SouthGate Companies traces its humble beginnings to Polish immigrant David Braverman, who started a business selling melons out of the back of a horse-drawn wagon. That business grew into a grocery store and ultimately Hawkeye Foods.

As Braverman’s business grew, he began to invest in real estate in Iowa City. In 1962 SouthGate was officially born. Since then, it has been owned and led by the Braverman family and continues to be a family-run business to this day.

SouthGate Companies has developed more than 600,000 square feet of commercial real estate including build-to-suit properties, turnkey sales, and multi-tenant facilities. Currently, SouthGate manages about 300,000 square feet of office, retail, and industrial space.

Previously, SouthGate developed more than a dozen residential subdivisions and 1,000 apartments, condominiums, townhomes, duplexes, and single-family residences. Currently, SouthGate manages over 500 residential units including condos, apartments, and townhomes in the Iowa City and Coralville, Iowa area.

In 2019, SouthGate Companies was acquired by Hillcrest Holdings, a Midwest-based, family-owned holding company, that invests in privately held middle market businesses in the United States. Its businesses operate in the transportation, insurance, real estate and IT services industries. Hillcrest’s mission is to support the continued growth and success of its existing portfolio businesses while diversifying into new industries through long-term equity investments in growing businesses that share its values of stewardship, hard work, empowering employees and giving back to the community.

Company History