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Have questions about SouthGate properties? Review our Frequently Asked Questions below. Please Contact Us if your question is not addressed.


Are pets allowed?

Please call SouthGate Property Management for information on pet-friendly availability or search our listings.


How do I apply for tenancy?

You can download our rental application and email it to or pick one up at our office.


How do I add a roommate?

The roommate needs to fill out an application and be approved by SouthGate Companies. Then all tenants in the apartment must fill out an “Add a Roommate” form in our office.


How do I drop a roommate?

Come to our office and fill out a “Drop a Roommate” form. SouthGate does NOT allow you to take the form with you. All tenants do not have to come to the office at the same time, but all tenants must sign the form.


Does SouthGate spray for pests?

Yes, SouthGate contracts with a local pest control company to conduct regular quarterly and/ or monthly treatments. If you notice a problem, please contact our office at 319-339-9320. We will assess the situation and have the pest control company provide additional treatments, if needed.


How do I sublease or get released from my lease?

Fill out a request for release form and return it to our office. SouthGate Companies will advertise it on our in-house flyer and website. Tenants are encouraged to show their own unit. The potential tenant must fill out an application and be approved.


Submit a Maintenance Request

Important Phone Numbers

SouthGate Property Management: 319-339-9320 For
emergency maintenance, please call
the office and listen to the message for the current emergency number.

Iowa City Police: 319-356-5275

Coralville Police: 319-248-1800

North Liberty Police: 319-626-5724

Iowa City Utilities

City of Iowa City (water): 319-356-5066

MidAmerican (gas/electric): 1-888-427-5632

North Liberty Police: 319-626-5724

Mediacom (phone/cable/internet): 1-800-479-2082

Century Link(phone/internet): 1-800-366-8201

Coralville Utilities

City of Coralville (water): 319-248-1715

MidAmerican (gas/electric): 888-427-5632

Mediacom (phone/cable/internet): 1-800-479-2082


Rules & Regulations


  1. Our traffic and parking regulations have been made for your convenience and protection. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  2. All tenant vehicles are to be registered with SouthGate Property Management on your tenant information sheet. If you need to change any vehicle information, please contact the office.
  3. Tenants are to park only in their designated area. If parking is assigned, guests must park in the designated areas, if available. Improperly parked vehicles may be ticketed or towed without warning, at the owner’s expense.
  4. Tenants are responsible for clearing snow around their vehicle and assigned spaces. Please be equipped with a shovel for this purpose.
  5. Vehicles are not permitted on the grass or sidewalks at any time.
  6. Changing of oil and anti-freeze as well as vehicle repair is not permitted in the parking areas.
  7. Residents who have garages are requested to keep the garage door closed except when entering, leaving, or while working in the garage area.

Move-In Info

Please keep these things in mind as you move into your property.

Set up Utilities in Your Name

It is necessary that you put all of the utilities in your name, unless your Rental Agreement states otherwise. You are responsible for utilities on the first day that your Rental Agreement begins, regardless of when you move into your apartment.

Maintenance Requests

Any maintenance requests can be called into our office, made in person, or filled out online.

Change Your Address with the Post Office

To ensure that you receive your mail at your new address, you must fill out a Change of Address Form at the Post Office or at It is also helpful to put your name on or in your mailbox to guarantee delivery.

Important Reminders

  • This rental unit, including carpets, has been professionally cleaned prior to your move in. If you have any issues with the condition of your unit, please notify our office as soon as possible.
  • If you have any questions or a maintenance request, please contact our office. You may also fill out a maintenance request on our website.
  • Acquiring renters insurance is recommended in your lease.
  • You will be charged for any service call due to tenant negligence.

Noise Policy

Loud stereo, television, or other disrupting behavior is not allowed. All noise and guests must be contained within the tenant’s unit. Tenants shall not host gathering where abuse of the property or disruption of the neighbor’s peace and privacy occurs. Quiet hours are from 10pm-8am daily. Please be courteous of a neighbor’s request to adjust the noise level in your apartment. Please try to resolve all noise complaints peacefully before contacting the office. All complaints to the office must be submitted in writing at the SouthGate Property Management office. Multiple violations could result in eviction.


Rent is due on or before the first of each month, including holidays. Payments can be made:

– Online through Zego
– Mailed to our office at 755 Mormon Trek Blvd, Iowa City IA 52246, with your printed name & current address; Checks and money orders should be made payable to SouthGate Property Management.
– Through February 29, 2024, drop payments in secure dropbox at Keokuk Street or the SouthGate Office with your printed name and current address. Include a note if you would like a receipt, and we will mail it to you. The drop boxes will be closed March 1, 2024.
– Checks and money orders will be accepted in the office until July 31, 2024.
– No cash accepted.

It is our policy to only accept one payment per lease each month. If you have roommates, please work out a payment system between yourselves. Your unit address must be written on your check or money order.

Late fees will be assessed for payments not received in full on the first day of the month as follows:
For monthly rental payments not exceeding $700 Hundred Dollars ($700.00) per month, a Twelve Dollar ($12.00) per day late charge will be assessed up to Sixty Dollars ($60.00) per month.
For monthly rental payments exceeding $700 Hundred Dollars ($700.00) per month, a Twenty Dollar ($20.00) per day late charge will be assessed up to One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) per month.
If you have late fees to pay, please include them in your rent payment.

Utility Information


City of Iowa City – Water 319.356.5066

MidAmerican – Gas and Electric 888.427.5632

Mediacom – Phone, Cable and Internet 800.479.2082

Century Link – Phone and Internet 800.366.8201

City of Coralville – Water 319.248.1715

School District Information

Iowa City Schools 319.688.1000

Clear Creek Amana Schools 319.828.4510

Police Departments (Non Emergencies)

Iowa City 319.356.5275

Coralville 319.354.1100

North Liberty 319.626.5724


City of Tiffin – Water 319.545.2572

Alliant Energy – Electric 800.255.4268

Big Dog Satellite – Internet and Satellite TV 866.214.6117

Tiffin School District – 319.545.2081

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office – 319.356.6020

If you have any questions or problems establishing services, immediately contact SouthGate Property Management, 319.339.9320.