Maintenance Request

Common Maintenance Issues

Please be advised there is a charge for changing a deadbolt or door lock. There is a charge for replacing a mailbox lock as well. You will need to call the office and make an appointment with maintenance to have your locks changed.
For the protection of both residents and employees, all employees have been directed not to let anyone into an apartment without proper identification verifying that he/she is the leaseholder of that particular unit. Resident must be present when the employee arrives to unlock the door. There is a charge for each trip to unlock an apartment.
Power Outages: If you experience a power outage in your entire unit, please report it to the power company. Their number is listed inside the front cover of this booklet. If the outage is only in parts of your apartment, please look for orange breakers in your breaker box before calling the office. Gas Smells: If you smell gas in your apartment, check immediately for sources first, exit your apartment and then call the gas company. The number is listed inside the front cover of this booklet.
If a drain is clogged, we ask that you try to remove it yourself. If you are unable to do so, please contact our office.
Please do not put non-food items in your disposal. Hard items like bones and popcorn kernels should never be put through the garbage disposal. For softer items going through the disposal, please run the water along with the disposal.
Heat: Your heat must be kept at a minimum of 60 degrees (F) during the winter months. This prevents your pipes from freezing. Air Conditioning: If you are having an air conditioning problem, please turn the AC unit off and call the office to put in a work order. Never place a work order via email for your heating or air conditioning. ALWAYS call the office.
In the event that a key is lost, you may check-out a key for the day and have a copy made on your own. The original must be brought back to the SouthGate office within 24 hours.
If you notice a water leak, please call the office immediately. When you call, please be as specific as possible about where the leak is and how much water is leaking.
During the term of your lease, you are responsible for replacing light bulbs and smoke detector batteries. If you are unable to access the light fixture or smoke detector, please buy a replacement bulb or battery and arrange to have maintenance come by at no charge.