Design Elements Your Bathroom Needs

November 22, 2021

Your bathroom can take on a lot of wear and tear. If you’re considering changing things up a bit, then it’s time to consider what design elements you will use. But, it can be daunting to plan out how to improve a bathroom, especially a smaller one. What kind of design elements can you add which will enhance a modern bathroom? Here are the top three!


Tiles are such a great option to change up the look of a bathroom. Plus, they are available in so many styles and colors. If you want a hardwood look, that is available! If you like classic designs, those are available, too. Tiles have the option of adding a neutral texture to the space you’re decorating, as well as color and pattern if you desire. Also, a wonderful way to incorporate texture is to add a dicrotic glass element into your design as a small accent to draw the eye.

Glass and Mirrors

Glass can create the illusion of a larger space in a room. This gives you a good deal of power over creating the illusion of light and space. Whether that means adding glass as the doorway to a shower, in order to open up a space a little more visually, or whether it means cleaning your windows and adding mirrors to a room, you have the option of moving light in the ways that will best enhance your spaces. It’s an essential part of interior design in any space, but especially small ones like a bathroom.


If your bathroom, like most, is lacking in space and color, cabinetry can help with that. Most standard bathroom cabinets are not built for being useful, but for filling a space. Instead, determine what your bathroom is in need of using in the way of storage. You probably want to keep all your toiletries there, as well as towels and extra bottles of shampoo. Perhaps you need to be able to pull out a drawer of specialized hair implements, complete with a nearby plug and safe storage for putting away a still warm curling iron. Look for the kind of space enhancing options that will give you more choices for storage for all the important bathroom items.

Your bathroom can be a place you’re not embarrassed to send guests with just a few small upgrades. Look for ways to add texture and color design to the space and open it up with glass and mirrors to enhance light. Add cabinetry that utilized your specific bathroom needs, and no one will want to leave!

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