How to Make Home Decor Simple for First-Time Homeowners

September 30, 2021

It can be so exciting to add your own décor into a home, and try to figure out what aesthetic you prefer! It can also be daunting, however, because you want to do it “correctly.” Good news: there are few ways to do it “wrong”! How, though, can you make this process simple while just learning?

Embrace Minimalism

It can be tempting when you first purchase a home or are establishing an apartment, to go to a home décor store and buy out a wing of “must have” items! After all, if it all coordinates together, it must be right? Instead, it’s smarter to choose a few key items from your own possessions to display. Having a few pieces of art, hobbies, projects you’ve created, and so on as display pieces, instead of sterile and generic design, is actually easier and just as stylish. Less is more—according to Modsy, a minimalist design works with whatever style you prefer while still giving the room more peace and coziness thanks to its fewer focal points.

Play it Safe

According to Complete Dezign + Build, neutral colors are versatile because they can go with virtually any style. Don’t worry—this doesn’t mean you have to stick with Dorm Room Tan! Modern rooms tend towards grays and whites as neutral colors on the wall, but this is actually a choice desired to make other colors and textures pop. If you choose, for example, an earthy stone grey for walls, any painting you place on it will seem brighter and more showcased. Neutral pale colors also highlight furniture design choices and color accents.

Foundational Choices

Furniture anchors a room, and although it can be tempting to buy replaceable trendy cheap pieces, saving up for classical design is always a better option. According to Money Talks News, many excellent pieces can be purchased second hand as well. As much as it’s not fun to move heavy furniture, it will last longer and be stronger than cheaply made composite wood made to look similar. Just because a piece is expensive doesn’t mean it’s going to last! Make sure to shop around and get the highest quality you can afford.

Always remember that the things you love and want to display are valid, and your personal style is too. Not everybody loves the same colors and aesthetics, but there is something in home decor for everyone. Keep it simple with the bigger decisions and the rest of your decor will stand out!

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