How to Make Your Home Look Less Cluttered

September 9, 2021

Not everyone wants to live a minimalist lifestyle. But it is not unreasonable to want your house to look clean and tidy. Sometimes people can feel overwhelmed trying to get their home in a perfect state of orderliness, especially if they have a lot of clutter. Luckily, though, there are multiple practical solutions that will help your house look more simplistic and organized!


Get Rid of Stuff

It is common for individuals to form attachments, no matter how small, to their possessions. While having sentimental keepsakes isn’t inherently a bad thing, having too many can be. If you are looking at your home and feel overwhelmed by everything in it, it is time to purge. Be honest with yourself when it comes to getting rid of objects that you no longer need, even if they have a small memory attached to them. A garage sale is an easy way to get rid of things but can take a lot of effort to plan. Sometimes these sales still leave you with lots of unnecessary items. Either following or skipping the garage sale, you should find a donation center nearby where you can drop your items off. If it breaks your heart to discard items, just remember: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


Get Creative with Storage Solutions

A bunch of tiny items in one place can look messy and disorganized. Open cabinets with unorganized insides also look untidy. You can make your home look less cluttered by getting creative with your storage solutions. Bathroom and hygiene products look better organized and make less of a mess if they are placed on a single tray or in an organized bin under the bathroom sink. This helps them go from a messy pile to an intentional grouping. If you can close off cabinet space with a cabinet door or curtain, this will help your eye focus less on distracting objects placed on your shelves. Storage can be found and implemented anywhere in your home in a clean manner to help make your home look less cluttered.


Add More Light to Your Space

Sometimes to be less cluttered, you need to add more features. Never underestimate the power of putting more light in your space. The abundance of light creates an illusion of a wider space. Light fixtures help to open a space and make a room feel bigger, and natural light has a similar effect while also adding a fresh and open feel to the space. If your room feels small and overcrowded, examine the light accessibility and how it can be improved. Various types of lighting will help at different points during the day, and may even illuminate other parts of the room that are contributing to clutter.


Don’t Leave Things Outside in the Open

Too often a home looks cluttered because items are not in their proper place. Things that are left out, inside or outside the house, have a major impact on how clean your home looks. Bikes strewn across the lawn and yard tools left out not only detract from your home’s appearance, but they can become damaged over time. Protect your tools from the outside elements by creating a place to store them. A modular garage can give you more freedom to do more with the space on your property. Once everything has a place, you will find it easier to identify when something needs to be put away and how you can protect it from unnecessary damage.


Clean Up Your Yard 

During the year, it is common for debris like dirt, dead leaves, and trash to accumulate in unique places all over your property. Scoping your property for any clutter or trash that may have built up is an easy way to tidy up your landscaping.  If you neglect this task, the debris can create unwanted mold that could provide housing for pests, give off unpleasant smells, and eat away at the surfaces it finds itself on. Cobwebs and dirt on your house exterior only further this problem. A yard and house that are free of debris, dead leaves, dust, and cobwebs increase the home’s curb appeal, and significantly decrease the clutter around your home.


Clean Out Your Garage

With the constant open and close of your garage door and the traction it undergoes, it can become quite dirty. Clean up any debris that may have blown in or left by your tire tracks. Organize areas that often get forgotten. While your garage is a middle ground for the outside and inside world, the actual space does not have to give that impression. Discard any harmful or expired chemicals, and store out-of-season items like winter gear or gardening tools in their proper place so they don’t get damaged before their season comes again. Keeping it clean and tidy will help you be glad you’re home every time you park your vehicle inside.


Discard Excessive Decorations 

It is possible to go overboard with home decorations. Every room needs clean spaces for the eyes to rest on. Try to avoid hanging up too many photos, displaying an abundance of knick-knacks, and collecting items that compete for attention. When your home has too many decorations, no decorations are seen and instead the room just feels busy and cluttered. Plus, the natural dirt and dust accumulation will land on even more things you’ll then need to clean. Minimize your décor by intentionally leaving open spaces.


Rearrange Furniture 

Sometimes the simplest way you can declutter your home is by just rearranging your furniture. Using a rug to pull an armchair and couch together to a designated conversation area can help separate the space from the rest of the room. A rug can help the room feel cozier and more cohesive. Furniture that offers closed storage, like using a dresser for your console table, also will help hide necessary items from view. In essence, your furniture should guide individuals throughout the room rather than trap them in it to make the space feel open and inviting.


Over the years it becomes harder to keep your home tidy and organized. People always find a way to fill or overfill the space they have. Stay on top of organization and keep your home from looking cluttered by getting rid of the unnecessary and finding a place for every important item in your home.

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