Expenses You Need to Account for When Selling Your Home

March 16, 2022

When most people start thinking about selling their home, they are primarily thinking about the profit they will make at the end. However, it’s important to also remember that there are costs associated with the sale of a home. When you are prepared for those costs, you can have realistic expectations for what you will end up with after the sale is complete.

Closing Costs

The first costs you need to think about are the costs that are due at closing. In many cases, the buyer is responsible for some of those costs, but you also need to know what is your responsibility. One big part of that is the commission for any realtors involved. In most situations, the seller will pay the commissions for all realtors involved in the sale. You may also need to pay for other elements of closing costs depending on the contract and how you negotiate with the buyer for the final sale.

Moving Costs

You also need to remember that there are costs related to your actual move. You can adjust those costs depending on your budget, but there will definitely be some level of cost to complete the move. You may decide to rent a moving truck, hire a moving company, and even pay for a storage unit to store your belongings. You should also plan to leave a tip for the moving company. Those costs can add up pretty quickly, so you want to plan for them in advance. Take time to evaluate your needs, keeping in mind how far you are moving and the time frame you are working with.

Home Repairs

You will also probably need to take care of some repairs when you are selling your home. Some of those repairs will be done before it goes on the market, and some may be done before closing. Sometimes the buyer will request repairs as part of the negotiations after the inspection is complete. You can either complete those repairs, hire someone to complete the repairs, or include a closing cost credit to cover the costs. Whatever option you decide on needs to be agreed upon in your contract with the buyer.

When you sell your home, there will always be at least some costs involved. If you do your planning in advance, you can budget for those costs so you aren’t caught by surprise. Some of the costs will come out of your pocket while others will be taken out of the cost of the home before you are given the remaining funds.

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