Parts of Your Home You Should Personalize After Move-In

February 3, 2022

When you move into your home it can feel like it was made for someone else. To make your house a home you should personalize it, so it feels like a bit of you. The main parts of your home you should personalize are the living room, kitchen, and your bedroom.

The Living Room

There are many easy things you can do to your living room that can make it your own. Adding wall art is a simple way that you can add pops of color and designs that reflect you. They don’t have to break the bank either. You can purchase cheap art and find a nice frame that will make it pop. Adding window coverings is another great way you can add color and design. Your windows can be a focal point of the room by choosing the right window coverings. You can use bold colors and a decorative curtain pole. You can also take it a step further to repaint the room to really make it your own.

Your Kitchen

Your kitchen needs to be both functional and designed how you like it. If you like cooking, this will be a place where you will spend a lot of time so it should be a room you enjoy. You can make simple changes such as the paint color, bringing in houseplants, and adding shelving with knick-knacks. You can also take it a step further to personalize it by doing some remodeling. Designing your kitchen in a triangle layout helps improve efficiency while you cook.

Your Bedroom

Personalizing your bedroom begins with displaying your personal items. If you have collected items, you can put these on display instead of wall art. You can also utilize wall art that is meaningful to you and adds something special to your walls. You can incorporate houseplants in your room that reflect your personality. Painting is something simple, although a bit more time consuming, that you can do to reflect you. Adding additional lights, such as twinkle lights, can increase ambiance.

Personalizing your home can range from simple to more complex. You can add wall art or new lighting to virtually every room in the house. Or you can take it a step further to add some new paint colors or even small remodeling projects. Rooms you should personalize are the living room, kitchen, and your bedroom.

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